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2018 Young Jazz Scholarship Concert

The San Luis Obispo County Jazz Federation is proud to showcase, in concert, the 2018 winners of our Young Jazz Scholarship Program. This program, started in 1983, awards scholarships to talented and deserving students from local schools in an effort to further their musical development and to keep the jazz tradition alive.

Individual performers will be aided by the rhythm section of  Gary Drysdale – guitar, Daryl Voss – drums, and Matthew Evans – bass (winner of scholarship in 2016). The free concert will be held on Sunday, February 25, at 4:00pm at Unity of San Luis Obispo.
This event is sponsored by the Matt Taylor Memorial Trust. For further information, visit our Facebook or contact 546-3733.

Upcoming Events

April 14 – Piano Showcase at Unity

May 12 – Bruce Forman solo “The Red Guitar” and trio (with Dylan Johnson and Darrell Voss)

The SLO Jazz Federation’s members are jazz fans of all ages, representing a cross section of our community, including loyal jazz fans, jazz musicians, educators, and students. We share a common goal to help jazz, America’s great original art form, thrive in San Luis Obispo County, California.